Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Guest Post -

Three Ways to Improve your Golf Game in 2012

If you want to improve your performance on the course, here are three ways to ensure you are at the top of your game.

  • Analyse Your Game

    If you want to get better at golf, the first step is to identify the problems. If you can highlight your weaknesses, you can begin to put together a strategy to fix these issues. Take notes about every game you play and make a list of your victories and losses. Recording information such as this can help you to look at your overall game and make improvements. There are many Apps you can download that can analyse your game for you and they also give you pointers that can help you up your game.
  • Put in the Time

    Practise makes perfect and if you want to improve, you will have to put in some extra hours. The more effort you put in to a sport, the better results you will see. If you have a club membership, increase your visits or simply increase the length of your weekly session.
  • Upgrade your Equipment

    If you are playing with worn out clubs, it could be time for an upgrade. Go online to research the best clubs on the market and shop around-you can check out golf clubs for sale while you do!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Just saying - Top 100

I was having a look over Golf Digest South Africa's Top 100 courses list and decided to do a little counting - it appears I have played 69 of those courses (a nice number) - all of the top 10 and none of the bottom 10, 42 of the top 50 and everything within 150km of where I stay (in Gauteng). Time to be a tourist in my own country it appears.

If you are reading Golf Digest, I would love to be part of your review panel!!!

Service may be restored

With the holiday season fast approaching and summer finally making an appearance (although it didn't seem that way on saturday morning), I am going to be playing a lot more golf and (hopefully) writing a lot more reviews.