Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Golf Jackets vs. the Puffer Caddy

Finding the right golf jacket is very important; not only do you need to be protected from the elements but your golf wear needs to allow you to have freedom of movement on the golf course. When it comes to choosing outerwear for this sport, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find the balance between warmth / protection and flexibility of motion. 

Whilst some golfers opt for the popular puffer caddy for free arm movement, others still believe that a traditional golfing jacket can provide maximum comfort and performance. 

Here we take a look at the pros and cons of both. 

The Golf Jacket 

Although some golfers may prefer to choose a gilet for freedom of movement, there are many golf jackets that could offer the same movement if you know what you’re looking for. The key to finding a decent golf jacket that does not hinder your golf swing is to find the right fit so knowing your own sizing is very important. Trying on a few different brands will help you get a feel of whether you are S, M or L consistently or whether you need to adjust your size choice with each brand. 

Golf jackets should be lightweight and fuss free; a simple cut, basic collar and sleeve to ensure that you can move about as easily as you need to when you’re on the golf course. 

You will also find that many specialist golfing jackets can offer features such as adjustable Velcro sleeves, windbreak technology, interlock fleece lining for extra warmth, moisture wicking properties such as a mesh lining (to keep you dry), or waterproof coating. 

The Puffer Caddy 

A puffer caddy is a sports gilet designed for serious golfers. With free arm movement, the puffer caddy can be very warm to wear when you team with base layers and a decent mid layer. The quilted layers within the jacket are there to keep golfers warm when the weather is bitter but to make sure you keep fully protected, it’s important to invest in the correct base tops or thermals. 

Due to the sleeveless design, a puffer caddy offers the flexibility of being zipped up or worn unzipped without having any restrictions to your golf swing.