Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Unfavourable reviews

So I got an email from the current management of the Potchefstroom Golf Club asking me to take down my previously uncomplimentary review of the club (have a look in the archives, it's not pretty).
I will like to know if you can remove something from your blog please.
It is about: Friday, 29 December 2006
Courses I've played : Potchefstroom Golf Club : 3/10

If People google Potchefstroom Golf Club the get your info of the golf club and it is not good for the golf club or the shop.
The club and the golf shop is under new management and new owners.

To which I responded
Until I have a chance to play the course again, the review will stand. The current situation does not change the truth of the what happened in the past.
I haven't heard a thing from them - obviously not happy with my approach.

To be fair though, you have to search for 'Potchefstroom Golf Club review' and then the post is toward the bottom of the first page of results - I am not sure how many golfers are adding this course to their could play list and depending on the reviews.