Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Reading ‘A Life Well Played’ by Arnold Palmer

A few weeks ago I was given ‘A Life Well Played’ to read; if you enjoy golf and the stories around it as much as I do, you don’t have to be asked twice to read the golfing wisdom of Arnold Palmer.

With the Kings death recently, the contents of the book are made even more poignant by the tributes that were afforded Mr. Palmer. In all the 35+ years I have been golfer I don’t think that I have heard anyone speak ill of Mr. Palmer and this was completely evident in the days and weeks that followed his death.

The book makes for a great read, following Mr. Palmer’s journey as a golfer from first picking up a club to being one of the elder statesman of the game; the insight, wisdom and inside view from the perspective of true professional make it worth the cost alone. If you revered the man, as I did, you have no excuse not to get yourself a copy.

You can buy it for yourself at Amazon or Barnes and Noble (BTW I'm don't make anything out of this; the publisher gave me an advance copy in electronic format)

Now, lets see who's paying attention - the publisher has graciously given me a few copies to give away to readers; email me if you want one, first come, first served :-)

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